About Rahbari Law

Personal Injury Lawyer


With offices located in the heart of the Orange County Business district and in central downtown San Diego, The Law Offices of Shahbaz Rahbari makes it easy to serve clients throughout Southern California. 

We also recognize that our clients are as diverse as their legal needs and therefore, we proudly speak Spanish, Farsi, and conversational French.

Qualified Attorneys

Our firm is a dynamic, energetic, skilled, and loyal legal entity.


Our law offices make it easy to serve clients throughout Southern California
We proudly speak Spanish, Farsi, and conversational French.

Vision & Mission

Our practice is built upon the belief that providing quality services to our clients demands zealous advocacy coupled with maintaining the highest ethical standards.
We envision long lasting relationships with our clients built on mutual trust, cooperation, and satisfaction. We understand that navigating the courts and a lawsuit can be a difficult, emotional, and overwhelming process. 
We take it as our duty to ease our clients’ stress and strain by providing the highest quality services. Let our years of experience and practice guide you through the process and your decision-making. Let our skill and expertise ease your mind and reduce your stress. Let us work to get justice for you.
It is our mission to provide the highest quality services for our clients while upholding the most stringent of ethical standards. To achieve these principles we follow strict ethical guidelines and strive tirelessly to preserve our duties of loyalty, care, and confidentiality to our clients. We take great pride in our work and that pride is reflected in each task we perform in each matter we handle.
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